IDM Database

This is a database of known Information Delivery Manuals. It represents a listing of IDMs previously maintained by the International Users Group. All information is subject to verification and change by the owners of listed IDMs. Unless verified by buildingSMART International, the listing is for informational purposes only.

If you have any more, or updated, information regarding items in list or new IDMs to add, please contact

Local IDM IDIDM NameOwnerInternal IDM StatusProject ManagerProject Manager Contact
ATC-001Structural Design to Structural Detailing (ATC-75)Applied Technology Council, Thomas LiebichDraftThomas
BAMieBuilding Automation Modeling information exchangeUSACE ERDC / NIBS?Billy
BIMSieBIM Service interface exchangeTNO / USACE ERDC / NIBSLéon van
BPieBuilding Programming information exchangeStatsbygg / USACE ERDC / OBO / NIBS / buildingSMART NorwayBill
BSA-001Design to Quantity Takeoff-Proposal-
BSA-002Design to Energy Performance Analysis-Proposal-
BSI-001Architectural Programming to Architectural Design-Draft-
CAPEXCapital expenditureUK Government-
COBieConstruction Operations Building Information Exchange information exchangeUSACE ERDC / NIBS / NASAApprovedMichael
CRC_CI-001Road design to landscape designCRC for construction innovation, Robin DrogemullerIdea-
CRC_CI-002Landscape design to road design-Idea-
CRC_CI-003Architectural design to landscape design-Idea-
DK-GOV-AreaArea information from project to FMThe Palace and Properties Agency in DenmarkDraftStig
GSA-001Architectural Design to Spatial Program Validation-Proposal-
GSA-002Architectural Design to Circulation/Security Analysis-Approved-
GSA-003Architectural Design to Building Energy Analysis-DraftRichard
GSA-004Architectural Design to Quantity Takeoff for Cost Estimating-DraftRichard
GSA-005Concept Design BIM 2010-Under review-
GSA-006Early Concept Design to Analysis-IdeaPeggy Ho-
GSC-001Basic HandOver to Facility Management-Draft-
GSC-002Architectural design to quantity take-off - level 2-Stopped-
HESMOSDesign to Energy simulation and Energy related Operation CostsHesmos ConsortiumDraftPeter
HUT_HVAC-001Indoor climate simulation to HVAC design-Proposal-
HUT_HVAC-002Space Requirements and Targets to Thermal Simulation-Draft-
HVACieHVAC Information ExchangeUSACE ERDC / NIBSBill
ICC-001Design to Code Compliance Checking (ICC 2006)-Draft-
IDM_12Digital interdisciplinary coordination between consulting partiesbuildingSMART DenmarkWork in
IDMoERInformation Delivery Manual on Energy RetrofittingTechnical University of DenmarkApprovedRune
ISG-001Extended coordination viewIdea-
KO_MLTM_001_ARCIDM between architectural design and architectural design activitiesMinistry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs (MLTM), South KoreaPausedGhang Lee, Yonsei
KO_MLTM_002_COSIDM between architectural design and cost-estimation activitiesMinistry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs (MLTM), South KoreaPausedGhang Lee, Yonsei
KO_MLTM_003_SCHIDM between architectural design and scheduling activitiesMinistry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs (MLTM), South KoreaPausedGhang Lee, Yonsei
KO_MLTM_004_MEPIDM between architectural design and MEP design activitiesMinistry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs (MLTM), South KoreaPausedGhang Lee, Yonsei
KO_MLTM_005_STRIDM between architectural design and structural engineering activitiesMinistry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs (MLTM), South KoreaPausedGhang Lee, Yonsei
LCieLife Cycle information exchangeUSACE ERDC / NIBS / US DOSBill
NOW-001Nordic Energy AnalysisStatsbygg and Senate PropertiesApprovedJiri
OPEXOperational expenditureUK Government-
PCI-001Precast Concrete ExchangesPrecast Concrete Institute, Chuck EastmanDraftChuck
PSU-001Modular Bldgs-Arch.Design to Struc.Design-DraftJohn
QTieQuantity Take-Off information exchangeAACE / ASPE / RICSWork in progessTammy
SparkieElectrical System information exchange-ApprovedBill
SPieSpecifiers Properties information exchange-Work in progessBill
SRSSystem Requirements SpecificationMinistery of Transport - The NetherlandsWork in progessHenk
UF-DCP-001Masonry Structural Design to Structural AnalysisUniv of Florida - College of Design, Construction & PlanningIdeaNawari O.
UF-DCP-002Wood Structural Design to Structural AnalysisUniv of Florida - College of Design, Construction & PlanningIdeaNawari O.
UNSW-001Curtain Wall Design to Energy AnalysisUNSWDraftJustin Wong
VBL-001Structural design to structural analysisVirtual Building Laboratory at Tampere University of Technology, Sakari LehtinenProposal-
VBL-002Architectural design to structural design-Draft-
VBL-004Architectural design to quantity take-off - level 1-Stopped-
VBL-006Architectural design to quantity take-off - level 3-Stopped-
VBL-007Architectural design to thermal simulation-Proposal-
WALLieWall information exchangeComponent Assembly Systems / USACE ERDC / CSI / MABECgroupBill
WSieWater System information exchangeUSACE ERDC / NIBSWork in progessBill
3D Control and Planning (Digital Layout)buildingSMARTJohn
3D CoordinationPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Asset ManagementPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Building (Preventative) Maintenance SchedulingPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Building Systems AnalysisPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
CIS/2 interfaceAISCChuck
Code ValidationPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Construction System Design (Virtual Mockup)Penn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Controls Engineering--
Cost EstimationPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Cost Modelling-Work in progess-
Criteria Checking Update to AR-5 IFC Early Design--
Design AuthoringPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Design ReviewsPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Digital FabricationPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Disaster PlanningPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Electrical Engineering-Work in progess-
Energy Analysis-Work in progess-
energy_assessmentUSACE ERDC / NIBS-
Engineering Analysis (Structural, Lighting, Energy, Mechanical, Other)Penn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Existing Conditions ModelingPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Facilities Management-Work in progess-
FM_handover-Work in progess-
HVAC Engineering-Work in progess-
IDM between architectural design and free-form structure in Super-tall Buildings-On hold-
IDM for BuildingProgramming-Work in progess-
IDM of architectural evacuation and vertical circulation-On hold-
IDM of energy analysis simulation based on free-form shape-On hold-
Information exchanges between operators, designers and surveyorsRegion Bourgogne, FranceWork in progessBernard
Move ManagementUSCG / AEC Infosystems-
Phase Planning (4D Modeling)Penn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Piping Engineering-Work in progess-
Program Checking- development of tabular data- pre-IDM--
ProgrammingPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
QTO_MEP Aquarium-Work in progess-
Record ModelingPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Resource Utilization--
Site AnalysisPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Site Utilization PlanningPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Space Management and TrackingPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Structural Engineering-Work in progess-
Sustainability (LEED) EvaluationPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn