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Heritage IDM Database

This is a database of historic Information Delivery Manuals. The listing is for informational purposes only.

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Local IDM IDIDM NameOwnerInternal IDM StatusProject ManagerProject Manager Contact
ATC-001Structural Design to Structural Detailing (ATC-75)Applied Technology Council, Thomas LiebichDraftThomas
BAMieBuilding Automation Modeling information exchangeUSACE ERDC / NIBS?Billy
BIMSieBIM Service interface exchangeTNO / USACE ERDC / NIBSNow part of the openCDE APIs initiative.
BPieBuilding Programming information exchangeStatsbygg / USACE ERDC / OBO / NIBS / buildingSMART NorwayBill
BSA-001Design to Quantity Takeoff-Proposal-
BSA-002Design to Energy Performance Analysis-Proposal-
BSI-001Architectural Programming to Architectural Design-Draft-
CAPEXCapital expenditureUK Government-
COBieConstruction Operations Building Information Exchange information exchange
CRC_CI-001Road design to landscape designCRC for construction innovation, Robin DrogemullerIdea-
CRC_CI-002Landscape design to road design-Idea-
CRC_CI-003Architectural design to landscape design-Idea-
DK-GOV-AreaArea information from project to FMThe Palace and Properties Agency in DenmarkDraftStig
GSA-001Architectural Design to Spatial Program Validation-Proposal-
GSA-002Architectural Design to Circulation/Security Analysis-Approved-
GSA-003Architectural Design to Building Energy Analysis-DraftRichard
GSA-004Architectural Design to Quantity Takeoff for Cost Estimating-DraftRichard
GSA-005Concept Design BIM 2010-Under review-
GSA-006Early Concept Design to Analysis-IdeaPeggy Ho-
GSC-001Basic HandOver to Facility Management-Draft-
GSC-002Architectural design to quantity take-off - level 2-Stopped-
HESMOSDesign to Energy simulation and Energy related Operation CostsHesmos ConsortiumDraftPeter
HUT_HVAC-001Indoor climate simulation to HVAC design-Proposal-
HUT_HVAC-002Space Requirements and Targets to Thermal Simulation-Draft-
HVACieHVAC Information ExchangeUSACE ERDC / NIBSBill
ICC-001Design to Code Compliance Checking (ICC 2006)-Draft-
IDM_12Digital interdisciplinary coordination between consulting partiesbuildingSMART DenmarkWork in
IDMoERInformation Delivery Manual on Energy RetrofittingTechnical University of DenmarkApprovedRune
ISG-001Extended coordination viewIdea-
KO_MLTM_001_ARCIDM between architectural design and architectural design activitiesMinistry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs (MLTM), South KoreaPausedGhang Lee, Yonsei
KO_MLTM_002_COSIDM between architectural design and cost-estimation activitiesMinistry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs (MLTM), South KoreaPausedGhang Lee, Yonsei
KO_MLTM_003_SCHIDM between architectural design and scheduling activitiesMinistry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs (MLTM), South KoreaPausedGhang Lee, Yonsei
KO_MLTM_004_MEPIDM between architectural design and MEP design activitiesMinistry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs (MLTM), South KoreaPausedGhang Lee, Yonsei
KO_MLTM_005_STRIDM between architectural design and structural engineering activitiesMinistry of Land, Transport, and Maritime Affairs (MLTM), South KoreaPausedGhang Lee, Yonsei
LCieLife Cycle information exchangeUSACE ERDC / NIBS / US DOSBill
NOW-001Nordic Energy AnalysisStatsbygg and Senate PropertiesApprovedJiri
OPEXOperational expenditureUK Government-
PCI-001Precast Concrete ExchangesPrecast Concrete Institute, Chuck EastmanDraftChuck
PSU-001Modular Bldgs-Arch.Design to Struc.Design-DraftJohn
QTieQuantity Take-Off information exchangeAACE / ASPE / RICSWork in progessTammy
SparkieElectrical System information exchange-ApprovedBill
SPieSpecifiers Properties information exchange-Work in progessBill
SRSSystem Requirements SpecificationMinistery of Transport - The NetherlandsWork in progessHenk
UF-DCP-001Masonry Structural Design to Structural AnalysisUniv of Florida - College of Design, Construction & PlanningIdeaNawari O.
UF-DCP-002Wood Structural Design to Structural AnalysisUniv of Florida - College of Design, Construction & PlanningIdeaNawari O.
UNSW-001Curtain Wall Design to Energy AnalysisUNSWDraftJustin Wong
VBL-001Structural design to structural analysisVirtual Building Laboratory at Tampere University of Technology, Sakari LehtinenProposal-
VBL-002Architectural design to structural design-Draft-
VBL-004Architectural design to quantity take-off - level 1-Stopped-
VBL-006Architectural design to quantity take-off - level 3-Stopped-
VBL-007Architectural design to thermal simulation-Proposal-
WALLieWall information exchangeComponent Assembly Systems / USACE ERDC / CSI / MABECgroupBill
WSieWater System information exchangeUSACE ERDC / NIBSWork in progessBill
3D Control and Planning (Digital Layout)buildingSMARTJohn
3D CoordinationPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Asset ManagementPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Building (Preventative) Maintenance SchedulingPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Building Systems AnalysisPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
CIS/2 interfaceAISCChuck
Code ValidationPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Construction System Design (Virtual Mockup)Penn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Controls Engineering--
Cost EstimationPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Cost Modelling-Work in progess-
Criteria Checking Update to AR-5 IFC Early Design--
Design AuthoringPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Design ReviewsPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Digital FabricationPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Disaster PlanningPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Electrical Engineering-Work in progess-
Energy Analysis-Work in progess-
energy_assessmentUSACE ERDC / NIBS-
Engineering Analysis (Structural, Lighting, Energy, Mechanical, Other)Penn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Existing Conditions ModelingPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Facilities Management-Work in progess-
FM_handover-Work in progess-
HVAC Engineering-Work in progess-
IDM between architectural design and free-form structure in Super-tall Buildings-On hold-
IDM for BuildingProgramming-Work in progess-
IDM of architectural evacuation and vertical circulation-On hold-
IDM of energy analysis simulation based on free-form shape-On hold-
Information exchanges between operators, designers and surveyorsRegion Bourgogne, FranceWork in progessBernard
Move ManagementUSCG / AEC Infosystems-
Phase Planning (4D Modeling)Penn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Piping Engineering-Work in progess-
Program Checking- development of tabular data- pre-IDM--
ProgrammingPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
QTO_MEP Aquarium-Work in progess-
Record ModelingPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Resource Utilization--
Site AnalysisPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Site Utilization PlanningPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Space Management and TrackingPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn
Structural Engineering-Work in progess-
Sustainability (LEED) EvaluationPenn State Univiersity / NIBSJohn