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buildingSMART International official Model View Definitions (MVDs) releases are listed here. This includes exchange specifications for IFC2x3 and IFC4, as well as those that have been accepted as international standards or are currently under development via the buildingSMART Standards Process. Software applications may support sending or receiving data supporting any combination of exchanges.

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IFC SchemaMVD NameStatusDocumentationSummary
IFC2x3 TC1Coordination ViewFinalCV 2.0Spatial and physical components for design coordination between architectural, structural, and building services (MEP) domains
IFC2x3 TC1Space Boundary Addon ViewFinalSB 1.1Identification and export of additional Space Boundaries (polygons which define the extents of a space's contact with directly adjacent surfaces [e.g. walls, floors, ceilings] and openings). Can be used for building energy analysis and quantity take-off.
IFC2x3 TC1Basic FM Handover ViewFinalFM Handover of model information from planning and design applications to CAFM and CMMS applications, as well as the handover of model information from construction and commissioning software to CAFM and CMMS applications
IFC2x3 TC1Structural Analysis ViewFinalSAThe structural analysis model, created in a structural design application by a structural engineer to one or many structural analysis applications.
IFC4 ADD2 TC1Reference ViewFinalRV 1.2 HTML

Simplified geometric and relational representation of spatial and physical components to reference model information for design coordination between architectural, structural, and building services (MEP) domains
IFC4 ADD2 TC1Design Transfer ViewFinal*DTV 1.1Advanced geometric and relational representation of spatial and physical components to enable the transfer of model information from one tool to another. Not a "round-trip" transfer, but a higher fidelity one-way transfer of data and responsibility.
IFC4 ADD2 TC1Quantity Takeoff ViewDraftQV 0.1Estimate and track construction materials and costs.
IFC4 ADD2 TC1Energy Analysis ViewDraftEV Estimate and track energy usage and costs.
IFC4 ADD2 TC1Product Library ViewDraftLV 0.1Manufacturer product information and configurations.
IFC4 ADD2 TC1Construction Operations Building Information ExchangeDraftCOBie 2.4Lifecycle information for maintaining equipment and systems within buildings.
IFC4.2Bridge Construction ViewDraftBRie 2017.10.24Build and maintain bridges.

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