IFC Specifications Database

Official releases of the IFC specification are listed here, as well as their components including HTML, EXPRESS, XSD/XML, and OWL documentation and formats.

Release Notes and Errata for all versions can be found here.

IFC is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/

VersionName (HTML Documentation)ISO publicationPublished

Final version expected mid 2022; published by ISO in 2023Continues updatesUnder development Latest HTMLGitHub outputPSD output
4.3.0 ISOIFC4.3 ISO1

In ISO process. 2022-03-07First submission to ISO IFC4.1RDFTTL ADD2 TC1ISO 16739-1:20182017-10OfficialZIPEXPIFC4.xsd-ifcOWL IFC4 ADD2 TC1RDFTTL ADD2-2016-07RetiredZIPEXPIFC4_ADD2.xsd-ifcOWL IFC4 ADD2RDFTTL ADD1-2015-06RetiredZIPEXPIFC4_ADD1.xsd-ifcOWL IFC4 ADD1RDFTTL 16739:20132013-02RetiredZIPEXPifcXML4.xsdPSD_IFC4.xsdifcOWL IFC4RDFTTL TC1 ISO/PAS 16739:20052007-07OfficialZIPEXPIFC2X3.xsdPSD_R2x3.xslifcOWL IFC2x3 TC1RDFTTL IFC2x3RDFTTL ADD1-2004-07RetiredZIPEXP----- ADD1-2001-10RetiredZIPEXP----- ADD1-1998-08Retired-------

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Version Notation

IFC versions are identified using the notation "Major.Minor.Addendum.Corrigendum".

Major versions consist of scope expansions or deletions and may have changes that break compatibility.

Minor versions consist of feature extensions, where compatibility is guaranteed for the "core" schema, but not for other definitions.

Addendums consist of improvements to existing features, where the schema may change but upward compatibility is guaranteed.

Corrigendums consist of improvements to documentation, where the schema does not change though deprecation is possible.