General Assembly Technical Developments

At any single moment, there are many different developments going on within buildingSMART Activities and projects. Different versions of IFC are being developed, released or updated. Other standards like BCF, IDS and the portfolio of API standards are developed and updated as well. Every release has a release manager that coordinates the work.

During the year, multiple 'IFC Development meetings', Implementer Forums and Project meetings take place. In the weeks before every summit, the technical community comes together in the 'General Assembly'.

The mission of the general assembly technical meetings is to work on progress, implementation and integration of buildingSMART Standards and Solutions. This includes the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) and the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD).

Attending the General Assembly is open to all developers (commercial, academic/research, open source, proprietary, large, and small) that are members of the international, regional, or national chapters/alliances of buildingSMART. If in doubt, please email for more information.


The General Assembly areΒ  a biannual, in-person meetings (Spring and Autumn), at locations hosted by members on a rotating basis. Usually the meetings take place a few weeks before the buildingSMART International summits.

The agenda of the General Assembly is set by buildingSMART International, based on input from Software vendors and project teams. It usually gives time for:

  • Coordinating interoperability between standards like IFC, BCF, IDS and the API standards;
  • Supporting and coordinating implementation of buildingSMART standards and technologies between software implementers in all markets;
  • Providing a peer-based forum to exchange experiences, discuss technical issues, and resolve non-compliance with requirements;
  • Promoting software implementation through demonstrations and prototyping of new ideas and upcoming requirements;
  • Setting requirements for the Software Certification;


Reports of these meetings are published here: