buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD)

The buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) is a library of object concepts and their attributes based on the IFD standard (ISO 12006-3). It is used to identify objects in the built environment and their specific properties regardless of language, so that "door" means the same thing in Iceland as it does in India.

The bSDD is open and international, allowing architects, consultants, owners and operators on one side and product manufacturers and suppliers on the other, from all around the world, to share and exchange product information. When everyone shares the same language, the building process becomes more efficient. The bSDD can be accessed at

The bSDD is not for specific instances of objects, but for general terms. Software developers can build on top of these definitions to create specific objects. For more clarity about how the bSDD and IFC standards are related, please refer to this policy document.

If you publish an open IFC library and would like us to link to your site please contact us.

Features & Benefits

  • Shared reusable object libraries reduce costs and improve quality.
  • Objects and property definitions are available to all software, worldwide.
  • Automatic Rule Checking prevents miscommunication and data duplication.
  • Connect objects to BIM-specific products.
  • Property sets can be extended for specific requirements.
  • Add or overlay classification requirements.
  • Map between different users and applications.
  • Enables checking and validation of data.

We are currently piloting with Software Partners and Content Creators. It is expected that in the future End Users will engage with the bSDD through their chosen software platforms.