Software Implementations

buildingSMART International standards are of no use to anyone unless there are software implementations in tools for the industry to use. For the most optimal openBIM workflows in a single project, the variety of tools used by the different stakeholders should have the capability to support IFC and BCF technologies, exchanging needed information between each other. This ranges from model authoring and design analysis, to construction management and operations. Software support for buildingSMART standards encompasses the entire globe, with international and local market developers providing solutions to architects, engineers, contractors, owners, and more.

Some of the vendors/developers on the list are members of buildingSMART International or one of its chapters and some of them have made the effort to have their applications certified by buildingSMART to support IFC. Software that has been certified, or is in the process of certification, can be found here: However, all the list entries below are leveraging the open, international specifications to supply the global marketplace in one way or another.

buildingSMART International Standards Implementation Database

This is a listing of all software products which claim to support buildingSMART International standards, including IFC and BCF.

While the best efforts are put into keeping this list up to date, please feel free to contact us at if you see a product missing from this list or the information provided needs updating.
Vendor/DeveloperProductCategorySub-categoryIFC2x3IFC4BCF XMLBCF API
12d Solutions Pty Ltd.12d ModelModel AuthoringInfrastructureXX
3D Repo Ltd.3D RepoData ServerProject CollaborationXX
4M SA4M Fine4RATEBuilding Energy ModelingX
4M SA4M FineELECModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesX
4M SA4M FineGREENBuilding Energy ModelingX
4M SA4M FineHVACModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesX
4M SA4M FineSANIModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesX
4M SA4M IDEA ArchitectureModel AuthoringArchitecturalX
4M SA4M STRADModel AuthoringStructuralX
4M SA4MCADModel AuthoringGeneralX
abstract agabstractBIM generatorModel AuthoringQuantity & Cost Estimating, Building Energy ModelingX
OracleAconexData ServerXXXX
Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment (CSTB) & CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.AcoubatBIM by CYPEModel AnalysisAcousticsXX
Sopra SteriaACTIVe3DFacility ManagementX
Asite Solutions Ltd.AdoddleData ServerProject CollaborationX
Arkey Systems B.V.AdomiModel AuthoringX
GRAITEC SAAdvance DesignModel AuthoringStructuralX
Autodesk, Inc.Advance SteelModel AuthoringStructuralX
ALLPLAN Deutschland GmbH (Nemetschek Group)Allplan ArchitectureModel AuthoringArchitecturalXX
ALLPLAN Deutschland GmbH (Nemetschek Group)Allplan BimplusData ServerProject CollaborationXX
ALLPLAN Deutschland GmbH (Nemetschek Group)Allplan EngineeringModel AuthoringStructuralXX
Kornicki Dienstleistungen in EDV und InformationstechnologieAnThermBuilding Energy ModelingX
EsriArcGIS Pro (Desktop)Geographic Information SystemX
Solideo Systems Co., LtdArchiBIM AnalyzerModel ViewerX
Solideo Systems Co., LtdArchiBIM ServerData ServerX
Solideo Systems Co., LtdArchiBIM ViewerModel ViewerX
GRAPHISOFT (Nemetschek Group)ArchicadModel AuthoringArchitecturalXXX
Solideo Systems Co., LtdArchiFMSFacility ManagementX
Archilogic AGArchilogicModel Authoring, VisualizationArchitectural
GRAITEC SAArchiWIZARDBuilding Energy ModelingX
CadLine Ltd.ARCHLine.XPModel AuthoringArchitecturalX
Arkey Systems B.V.AreddoModel ViewerX
Graebert GmbHARES Commander 2020Model Authoring
*open source (BSD)Assimp (Open Asset Import Library)Development ToolsX
Elecosoft UK LtdAsta Powerproject BIMConstruction ManagementX
Trimble MEP (Trimble, Inc.)AutoBid SheetMetalConstruction Management
Autodesk, Inc.AutoCAD ArchitectureModel AuthoringArchitecturalXX
Autodesk, Inc.AutoCAD MEPModel AuthoringArchitecturalXX
GeometryGymAutodesk Navisworks ImportersOtherX
GeometryGymAutodesk Revit IFC ImportersOtherX
OracleAutoVue 3D Professional AdvancedModel ViewerX
AVEVA Group plcAVEVA BocadModel AuthoringStructuralX
InterCAD Kft.AxisVMModel AuthoringStructuralX
Bausoft Informatik AGBausoft Haustech-CADModel AuthoringX
Business Collaborator Ltd.BC EnterpriseData ServerX
*open source (GNU GPL3)BCFierBCF clientXX
*open source (GNU LGPL2.1)bcfpluginDevelopment ToolsX
ITI International Training InstituteBenchmarkModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesX
Bentley Systems, Inc.Bentley MapGeographic Information SystemX
Bentley Systems, Inc.Bentley NavigatorModel ViewerX
Bentley Systems, Inc.Bentley ViewModel ViewerX
Bexel ConsultingBexel ManagerModel Viewer, Construction Management, Project Management, Facility & Asset ManagementX
Autodesk, Inc.BIM 360Data ServerProject CollaborationXX
InvicaraBIM AssureData Server, Model ViewerX
StruSoft ABBIM EnergyBuilding Energy ModelingX
Digital AlchemyBIM HandoverOther
BIM TrackBIM TrackModel Viewer, Model AnalysisIssue TrackingXXXX
Datacomp Sp. z o.o.BIM VisionModel ViewerXX
BIM Base B.V.BIM.WorksModel Viewer, Development ToolsXX
BIMData.ioBIMData ViewerModel ViewerXXX APIDevelopment ToolsXXXX PlatformModel Viewer, OtherXXXX
Tribia AS (Addnode Group)BIMEYEData Server, Model Viewer
BIMobjectBIMobjectProduct DataXX
AEC3 Deutschland GmbHBIMQOtherXX
StruMIS Ltd.BIMReviewModel ViewerX
BIMobjectBIMscriptModel AuthoringX
BIMserver.orgBIMserverData ServerXX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.BIMserver.centerData ServerProject CollaborationXX
bimspot GmbHbimspotModel Viewer, Model Analysis, OtherXXX
*open source (MIT)BIMsurfer WebGL viewerOtherX
Catenda ASBimsync APIDevelopment ToolsXXXX
Catenda ASBimsync ArenaData ServerXXXX
Catenda ASBimsync BoostData ServerXXXX
*open sourceBIMTesterOtherXX
*open sourceBlenderBIMModel AuthoringXXX
Bloc in Bloc, SASBloc in Bloc APIDevelopment ToolsXXXX
Bloc in Bloc, SASBloc in Bloc AppModel ViewerXX
Bloc in Bloc, SASBloc in Bloc PlatformData ServerGeneralXXXX
BricksBricksProject ManagementXX
Bricsys NVBricsCADModel AuthoringArchitecturalX
Bricsys NVBricsCAD BIMModel AuthoringArchitecturalXXXX
CADEXCAD ExchangerDevelopment ToolsX
TQS Informatica Ltda.CAD/TQSModel AuthoringStructuralX
CADMATIC EAC OyCADMATIC BuildingModel AuthoringArchitecturalX
CADMATIC EAC OyCADMATIC Drawing ViewerModel ViewerBuilding ServicesXX
CADMATIC EAC OyCADMATIC ElectricalModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXX
CADMATIC EAC OyCADMATIC HVACModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXX
cadworkcadwork 3DModel AuthoringArchitectural, StructuralXX
Hexagon AB / IntergraphCADWorx Design ReviewModel ViewerIndustrialXX
Causeway Technologies Ltd.Causeway BIMMeasureConstruction ManagementX
ACCA Software S.p.A.CerTusModel AuthoringX
Configura Sverige ABCET DesignerModel AuthoringSpace Planning, FF&EX
Autodesk, Inc.Civil 3DModel AuthoringInfrastructureX
*open source (GNU AGPL)CMDBuild READY2USEIT Assets & Services ManagementX
CAD-Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.CMS IntelliCADModel Authoring
Nomitech Ltd.CostOSConstruction ManagementX
Exactal Group LtdCostXConstruction ManagementX
BIMDeX (SrinSoft Inc.)CREO to IFC ExporterModel AuthoringGeneralX
DatakitCrossCad/PlgDevelopment ToolsX
DatakitCrossCad/WareDevelopment ToolsX
DatakitCrossManagerDevelopment ToolsX
Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSi)CSiBridgeModel AuthoringStructuralXX
Glodon Company LimitedCubicostConstruction ManagementX
BUILDSOFT (MiTek)Cubit Pro + BIMModel AnalysisQuantity & Cost EstimatingX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.Cype ArchitectureModel AuthoringArchitecturalX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.CYPECADModel AuthoringStructuralXX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.CYPECAD MEPModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.CYPEFIRE DesignModel AuthoringFire SafetyXX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.CYPEFIRE Hydraulic SystemsModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.CYPEHVAC HydronicsModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.CYPELEC NetworksModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.CYPELUXModel AuthoringLighting DesignXX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.CYPEPLUMBING Sanitary SystemsModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.CYPEPLUMBING Water SystemsModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.CYPETHERM EplusBuilding Energy ModelingXX
DaluxDalux BIM ViewerModel ViewerXX
DaluxDalux BoxData ServerDocument ManagementXX
DaluxDalux FieldConstruction ManagementQuality ControlXXXX
DaluxDaluxFMFacility ManagementXX
DATAflor AGDATAflor BIM-ManagerModel AuthoringX
Data Design System ASA (Nemetschek Group)DDS-CAD ArchitectModel AuthoringArchitecturalXX
Data Design System ASA (Nemetschek Group)DDS-CAD BuildingModel AuthoringGeneralXX
Data Design System ASA (Nemetschek Group)DDS-CAD ConstructionConstruction ManagementXX
Data Design System ASA (Nemetschek Group)DDS-CAD ElectricalModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXX
Data Design System ASA (Nemetschek Group)DDS-CAD MechanicalModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXX
Data Design System ASA (Nemetschek Group)DDS-CAD PlumbingModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXX
Data Design System ASA (Nemetschek Group)DDS-CAD PVModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXX
Data Design System ASA (Nemetschek Group)DDS-CAD ViewerModel ViewerXX
DIAL GmbHDIALux evoModel AuthoringLighting DesignX
Datenverarbeitungsgesellschaft für Handel und Produktion AGDietrich'sModel Authoring, Model AnalysisX
Digital Project, Inc.Digital ProjectModel AuthoringArchitecturalX
Dimension 10 ASDimension10Model ViewerX
PLANOK SADocumentación Técnica de Proyectos DTP POKConstruction ManagementXX
dRofus (Nemetschek Group)dRofusModel AuthoringPlanning, FF&E, Data ManagementX
Trimble MEP (Trimble, Inc.)DuctDesigner 3DModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesX
EcoDomusEcoDomus FMFacility ManagementX
EcoDomusEcoDomus PMConstruction ManagementX
ACCA Software S.p.A.EdificiusModel AuthoringArchitecturalX
ACCA Software S.p.A.Edificius MEPModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesX
ACCA Software S.p.A.EdiLusModel AuthoringStructuralX
Jotne ITEDMmodelServer(ifc)‚Ñ¢Data ServerX
ENKA Systems Yazilim A.S.EDMS Global Document Management SystemData Server, Construction ManagementProject Collaboration, Document ManagementXX
XEOMETRIC GmbHELITECAD ArchitectureModel AuthoringArchitecturalX
Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSi)ETABSModel AuthoringStructuralXX
Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment (CSTB)eveBIMModel ViewerX
Autodesk, Inc.FabricationModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesX
StruSoft ABFEM-DesignModel AuthoringStructuralX
Trimble MEP (Trimble, Inc.)Field LinkConstruction ManagementXX
*open sourceFile::IFC Perl libraryDevelopment ToolsXX
Safe Software Inc.FMEData ServerXXX
Autodesk, Inc.ForgeDevelopment ToolsXX
*open source (GNU LGPL2+ & CC-BY-3.0)FreeCADModel AuthoringGeneralXXX
Opidis (Idox Plc)FusionLiveProject Information ManagementXXX
Kalloc Studios, Inc.FuzorVisualizationX
Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyFZK ViewerModel ViewerXX
GALA Software d.o.o.GALA Construction SoftwareConstruction ManagementX
Fine spol. s.r.o.GEO5Model Authoring, Model AnalysisGeotechnicalX
Glider Technology Ltd.GliderBIMData ServerXX
GloBLDGloBLDData Server, Model Viewer
Grit VirtualGRITConstruction Management
OasysGSAModel AuthoringStructuralX
GstarsoftGstarCADModel AuthoringArchitectural, Building ServicesX
ISD Software und Systeme GmbHHiCADModel AuthoringStructuralX
Tech Soft 3DHOOPS ExchangeDevelopment Tools
Design Master Software, Inc.HVAC for AutoCADModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesX
iConstructiConstruct PROData Management
Equa Simulation ABIDA ICEBuilding Energy ModelingX
Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) Ltd.IES-VEBuilding Energy ModelingX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.IFC BuilderModel AuthoringXX
*open sourceIFC ClashOtherXX
*open sourceIFC COBieOtherXX
*open sourceIFC DiffOtherXX
RDF ltd.IFC EditorDevelopment ToolsXX
RDF ltd.IFC EngineDevelopment ToolsXX
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)IFC File AnalyzerModel ViewerX
apstexIFC FrameworkDevelopment ToolsXXX
GEM Team Solutions GbRIFC Quick BrowserModel ViewerX
Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment (CSTB)IFC SDKDevelopment ToolsX
Open Design AllianceIFC SDKDevelopment ToolsXX
GeometryGymIFC Tree ViewerOtherX
RDF ltd.IFC ViewerModel ViewerXX
RDF ltd.IFC WebGLDevelopment ToolsXX
*open source (MIT)IFC++Development ToolsModel ViewerX
IFChub Ltd.IFChubData Server
*open source (GNU LGPL)IfcOpenShellDevelopment ToolsXX
*open source (MIT)IfcSharpDevelopment ToolsXX
Tyréns ABIFC-ValidatorModel AnalysisData ValidationXX
IfcWebServerIfcWebServerData ServerXX
VELOCITI SpAIGEOFacility ManagementXX
Imerso ASImersoConstruction Management, Model ViewerXXX
InfoGraph GmbHInfoCADModel AuthoringStructuralXXX
Descor SrlInfocadFMFacility ManagementX
Hexagon AB / IntergraphIntergraph Smart Interop PublisherModel ViewerIndustrialX
BUHODRA INGENIERÍA, S.A.ISTRAMModel AuthoringInfrastructureXX
Norconsult Informasjonssystemer ASISY CalcusConstruction ManagementX
A+S Consult GmbHKorFinModel Authoring, Model Viewer, Construction Management, Project Management, Facility Management, Asset ManagementInfrastructureXXX
E4tech Software SALesosaiBuilding Energy ModelingXXX
cadwork informatik AGlexocadModel AuthoringXX
liNear GmbHliNearModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXXX
MagiCAD Group (Glodon Group)MagiCADModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXX
TopconMAGNET ExplorerModel Viewer
ACCA Software S.p.A.ManTusFacility ManagementX
Mc4Software Italia S.r.lMc4SuiteModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXX
GeometryGymMcNeel Rhino3D IFC ImportersModel AuthoringGeneralX
GeomensuraMensura CivilBTPModel AuthoringInfrastructureXXXX
GeomensuraMensura GeniusModel AuthoringInfrastructureXXXX
GeomensuraMensura QuarryModel AuthoringInfrastructureXXXX
Bentley Systems, Inc.MicroStationModel AuthoringX
Bentley Systems, Inc.MicroStation PowerDraftModel AuthoringX
Gravicon OyModelspace FMFacility ManagementX
SMB AGMORADAFacility ManagementX
Autodesk, Inc.NavisworksConstruction ManagementXX
NewformaNewformaProject Information ManagementXX
Trimble, Inc.NovapointModel AuthoringInfrastructureX
Bionova Ltd.One Click LCAModel AnalysisLife-cycle AssessmentXX
Onuma, Inc.Onuma SystemOtherX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.Open BIM Analytical ModelModel AnalysisXX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.Open BIM Construction SystemsModel AuthoringGeneralXX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.Open BIM LayoutModel ViewerXX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.Open BIM Model CheckerModel ViewerXX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.Open BIM QuantitiesConstruction ManagementXX
CapgeminiOpen CASCADEModel AuthoringGeneralXX
Bentley Systems, Inc.OpenBridge DesignerModel AuthoringInfrastructureX
Bentley Systems, Inc.OpenBuildings DesignerModel AuthoringArchitectural, Structural, Building ServicesXXX
Bentley Systems, Inc.OpenBuildings SpeedikonModel AuthoringArchitectural, Structural, Building ServicesXX
Bentley Systems, Inc.OpenBuildings Station DesignerModel AuthoringArchitectural, Structural, Building ServicesXXX
*open source (GNU AGPL)openMAINTFacility ManagementX
Bentley Systems, Inc.OpenPlant ModelerModel AuthoringIndustrialXX
Bentley Systems, Inc.OpenRailModel AuthoringInfrastructureX
Bentley Systems, Inc.OpenRoads Model AuthoringInfrastructureX
*open source (GNU LGPL)OpenStudioBuilding Energy ModelingX
Spacewell (Nemetschek Group)O-PrognoseFacility Management
CAD Systems nvParabuildModel AuthoringStructuralX
Thunderhead Engineering Consultants, Inc.PathfinderModel AnalysisMovement SimulationX
Quartz SYSperforma Asset Management SystemFacility ManagementX
Quartz SYSperforma Building Monitoring SystemFacility ManagementX
Quartz SYSperforma Integrity checkerOtherX
Quartz SYSperforma ManagerModel ViewerX
Quartz SYSperforma UrbanscapeGeographic Information SystemX
ASCONPilot-ICEData Server, Project ManagementProject CollaborationXX
Trimble MEP (Trimble, Inc.)PipeDesigner 3DModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesX
Unity TechnologiesPiXYZDevelopment ToolsX
Precast Software Engineering (Nemetschek Group)PLANBARModel AuthoringStructuralX
Trimble MEP (Trimble, Inc.)Plancal novaModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesX
PlannerlyPlannerlyInformation ManagementXX
Bentley Systems, Inc.PLAXIS 3DModel AuthoringGeotechnicalX
IZUBA énergiesPleiadesBuilding Energy ModelingX
ACCA Software S.p.A.PriMus-IFCConstruction ManagementX
Trimble, Inc.ProjectSightConstruction ManagementX
Bentley Systems, Inc.ProStructuresModel AuthoringStructuralX
Thunderhead Engineering Consultants, Inc.PyroSimModel AnalysisFire Dynamics SimulatorX
Trimble, Inc.QuadriData ServerInfrastructureXX
SOLAR-COMPUTER GmbHRaumtool 3D IFC-ImportModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesX
RENDERLights OyRENDERLightsModel AuthoringRenderingX
ASCONRenga BIMModel AuthoringArchitectural, Structural, Building ServicesXX
Autodesk, Inc.RevitModel AuthoringGeneralXXX
Vizerra SAReviztoModel Viewer, Model AnalysisIssue TrackingXXX
Bluebeam (Nemetschek Group)RevuModel ViewerX
Dlubal Software GmbHRFEMModel AuthoringStructuralX
RIB Software AGRIB iTWOConstruction ManagementX
Dlubal Software GmbHRSTABModel AuthoringStructuralX
Rasterex Software ASRxHighlightModel ViewerXX
SAFI Quality Software Inc.SAFI GSEModel AuthoringStructuralX
Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSi)SAP2000Model AuthoringStructuralXX
Jidea Ltd.ScaleCADModel AuthoringStructuralX
SCIA (Nemetschek Group)Scia EngineerModel AuthoringStructuralXXX
SDS/2 (Nemetschek Group)SDS/2Model AuthoringStructuralX
SEMA GmbHSEMAModel AuthoringArchitectural, StructuralX
SierraSoftSierraSoft LandModel AuthoringInfrastructureXX
SierraSoftSierraSoft RoadsModel AuthoringInfrastructureXX
Digital AlchemySimergyBuilding Energy ModelingX
Simulation Lab Software L.L.C.SimLab IFC Importer for SketchUpOtherX
Datacubist OysimplebimModel ViewerX
Trimble, Inc.SiteVisionConstruction Management, Model ViewerXX
Trimble, Inc.SketchUpModel AuthoringGeneralX
BIM 42SlothBCF ViewerX
Holte ASSmartKalkConstruction ManagementX
ACCA Software S.p.A.Solaris PVModel AuthoringX
Solibri, Inc. (Nemetschek Group)Solibri Model CheckerModel ViewerXX
Solibri, Inc. (Nemetschek Group)Solibri Model OptimizerOtherX
Solibri, Inc. (Nemetschek Group)Solibri Model ViewerModel ViewerX
Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.Solid EdgeModel AuthoringGeneralXX
DASSAULT SYSTÈMESSolidWorks PremiumModel AuthoringGeneralX
ITS Pty LtdSPACE GASSModel AuthoringStructuralX
STI International, Inc.SPIRITModel AuthoringArchitecturalX
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)SteelVisModel AuthoringStructuralX
STEP Tools, Inc.STEP ToolsDevelopment ToolsXX
TeamSystem S.p,A.STR Vision CPMConstruction ManagementX
DICAD Systeme GmbHSTRAKONModel AuthoringStructuralXX
ATIR Engineering Software Development LtdSTRAPModel AnalysisStructuralX
Rendra AS (JDM Technology Group)StreamBIMInformation Management, Model ViewerXX
CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.StruBIM SuiteModel Authoring, Model AnalysisStructuralXX
ParametricosStudio 3DXData Server, Project ManagementProject CollaborationXXX
SUper Plan SoftwareSUperPlanConstruction ManagementX
Synchro Software Ltd. (Bentley Systems, Inc.)SYNCHRO PROConstruction ManagementX
APLITOPTcpMDTModel AuthoringInfrastructureXX
Tekla (Trimble, Inc.)Tekla BIMsightConstruction ManagementXX
Tekla (Trimble, Inc.)Tekla CivilModel AuthoringInfrastructureX
Tekla (Trimble, Inc.)Tekla Structural DesignerModel AuthoringStructuralX
Tekla (Trimble, Inc.)Tekla StructuresModel AuthoringStructuralXX
iMventa IngenierosTeKton3DModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesXXX
ACCA Software S.p.A.TerMusBuilding Energy ModelingPV System DesignX
Tetra 4DTetra4D ConverterModel ViewerX
Dayton SuperiorTilt-WerksModel AuthoringStructuralX
Precast Software Engineering (Nemetschek Group)TIMProduction ManagementPrecast ConcreteX
TopSolidTopSolidModel AuthoringGeneralX
Venturist ITTRICAD MSModel AuthoringBuilding ServicesX
Arktec, S.A.TricalcModel AuthoringStructuralX
Tridify Ltd.TridifyModel ViewerX
Trimble, Inc.Trimble ConnectData ServerXX
Epic Games, Inc.Unreal EngineDevelopment ToolsX
ACCA Software S.p.A.usBIM.platformModel ViewerX
ACCA Software S.p.A.usBIM.viewer+Model ViewerX
Blogic s.r.l.VCADModel Viewer, Model AnalysisXX**
VectorDraw Software CorporationVectorDrawDevelopment ToolsXX
Vectorworks, Inc. (Nemetschek Group)Vectorworks ArchitectModel AuthoringArchitecturalXXX
Vertex Systems OyVertex BDModel AuthoringArchitectural, StructuralX
mb AEC Software GmbHViCADo.arcModel AuthoringArchitecturalX
mb AEC Software GmbHViCADo.ingModel AuthoringStructuralX
Trimble General Contractor SolutionsVico OfficeConstruction ManagementXX
VisiconVisicon Smart BIM ToolsModel Viewer
VisiLeanVisiLeanProject ManagementXX
Asuni CAD, S.A.VisualARQModel AuthoringArchitecturalX
Geist Software LabsVoxxlrModel Viewer, Data ServerXX
Vixel ASVrexModel ViewerXXXX
Space Applied Technologies (Space Group)warboardData ServerX
*open source (CDDL)xBIM ToolkitDevelopment ToolsXXX
xeolabsxeokit SDKDevelopment ToolsXX
xeolabsxeokit ViewerModel ViewerXX
YOUBIMYouBIMData Server, Model ViewerX
Ziggurat Systems Ltd.Ziggurat ViewerModel AuthoringGeneralX

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