Under the domain of the Technical Room and Technical Director, the buildingSMART community undertakes projects that address the technical needs to enable the bSI Process, as well as fundamental technologies and/or technical standards which support the bSI Mission of enabling digital ways of working throughout the entire life-cycle of the built asset industry.

Project Submission Process

Technical Room projects follow the bSI Process in developing industry standards. This includes the following steps:

  1. Pitch an idea on the buildingSMART Forums and discuss its potential with the larger community.
  2. Fill out an Activity Proposal (AP). An Activity Proposal's main focus is on formalizing an idea and pitching it to the buildingSMART community. Each project will have a Technical Room Steering Committee (TRSC) advisor, helping the project initiator through the process. ;
  3. Submit the AP to The Technical Room International Projects Coordinator (TRIPC) will then be in contact with the AP author and usher it through the review process;
  4. If the AP is accepted by the TRSC, Standards Committee Technical Executive (SCTE), and larger Standards Committee (SC), the project initiator will then fill out a Detailed Project Plan (PP). The PP documentation includes specifics regarding:
    • Budget & Funding
    • Participants
    • Technical Design (including functional and user interface descriptions, as well as implementation, deployment, and testing requirements)
    • Project Execution (including Milestones and Metrics for measuring success)
    • ...and more.
  5. Submit the PP to Again, the TRIPC will usher the PP through the review process;
  6. If the PP is accepted by the TRSC, SCTE, and Standards Committee:
    • A project folder will be set up on the buildingSMART Box for storing project meeting minutes and preliminary documentation;
    • A new repository will be set up on the buildingSMART GitHub for technical development;
    • A new project management entry will be created in buildingSMART's for tracking project progress and reporting to the bSI Management Office;
    • The project leader will report to the TRSC on a monthly basis during the TRSC Projects Review call with other active TR projects.
    • Depending on the nature of the project and intended deliverables, the results of the project will be published on the buildingSMART websites and may need to be reviewed for Candidate Standard status, with an interim implementation by the bSI community. After the proposed standard has been vetted by repeated usage and possible revisions, a final review for Final Standard status is completed.

Download the Activity Proposal template (.dotx)

Download the Detailed Project Plan template (.dotx)


Project List

The following list of project include ideas that are being considered, are being worked on, or have been completed.

Technical Room Projects

A listing of the bSI projects under the governance of the Technical Room.
IDProject NicknameDescriptionOwner(s)Tech Room LeadStatusACPPGitHubPublish URL
AP-2020-xxxx-TRIfcJSONJSON serialization of the IFC4.x schema and recommendations for IFC5 development.J. BrouwerD. SheldenAP Submitted / Under ReviewX
AP-2020-xxxx-TRImproved BCF WorkflowsImproving the use of BCF with better documentation and revisions to the standard and its implementation in softwareM. NatropL. van BerloAP Submitted / Under ReviewX
AP-2020-xxxx-TROpen CDE APIsCreation of open standards for APIs to share data between Common Data Environments (CDEs).Y. KulbakG. SchleusnerAP Submitted / Under ReviewX
AP-2020-xxxx-TRHigh Quality IFC User DocumentationImproving the results of IFC-based workflows through more extensive implementation and end user documentationS. BeazleyJ. OuelletteAP Submitted / Under ReviewX
IFC HDF5 (IFC Binary)Serialization of the IFC schema using HDF5T. KrijnenL. van BerloAP under development
Information Delivery Specification (IDS) StandardA modern replacement of MVDs and mvdXML to capture and configure data exchange requirements in a machine readable format (XML-based)J. Beetz & Open Design Alliance (ODA)L. van BerloAP under development
Translation FrameworkUtilizing Weblate to provide translation of the IFC schema to desired languages, distributing responsibility among a variety of authors under a single web-based platform.J. OuelletteL. Van BerloAP under development
IFC UML Modeling GuidelinesDocumentation for the use of UML in the development of the IFC schemaC. ZhangL. van BerloAP under development