UPDATE 06.09.2021: The openBIM Marketplace is now closed and we are in the process of contacting the successful proposals. Thank you to all who took part and voted, and don't forget to register for the Virtual Summit in order to see the presentations!



buildingSMART is inviting presentations for the upcoming Virtual Summit Autumn 2021. Submit your proposal for a presentation on this page.
Add a title, short description, and an image, making sure it is informative and to the point. You will also need to answer the mathematical CAPTCHA before hitting Submit.

This is also the page to vote for ideas and proposals you want to see at the summit. You have 5 votes each to help your preferred proposals get to the top of the leader board! If you change your mind or prefer a new proposal, you can retract and re-allocate your vote at any time.


Some topic guidelines:

  • Open source technology
  • Projects and collaboration
  • Standards development
  • Thought leadership
  • Developing open solutions

There are multiple ways a proposal can end up on the summit agenda:

  • A proposal ends up in the top 8 most voted on;
  • A proposal is selected by the academic review committee;
  • A proposal is invited by a room to present in their sessions.


  • 28th July: platform officially open to submit your presentation suggestions
  • 23rd August: last day to submit your presentation suggestions
  • 5th September: last day to cast your votes!
  • 6th September: successful candidates informed
  • 19th September: all presentation materials to have been delivered by successful candidates


  • Presenters will need to register for the summit.
  • The presentation will likely be pre-recorded, but you should also be available to join live on Tuesday 28th September.
  • Proposals are non-binding. You have the right to refuse a presentation after being selected.


Questions? Reach out to Dan Little.


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