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Current industry practice of data exchange between common data environments is inefficient and costly. Commercial reasons aside, CDE Vendors have real technical challenges for developing sustainable integrations. Developed to customer requirements CDEs provide a tightly integrated platform making it valuable on its own. The irony is that it makes it a poor candidate for external integration. For example an entity schema representing a document in Aconex has ~25 metadata fields but Procore has 5 metadata fields which means that the metadata needs to be mapped between the systems to create a “common understanding” for both systems to “talk”. There are also other challenges such as query languages and patterns and more that challenge this seamless flow of information and often change on a project and customer basis. Users have three options; build custom point to point integrations, engage third party integration hubs or continue to complete data exchange manually. With the growth and continuous disintegration of platforms and Applications we need to discuss what we can do to stop using valuable project human resources as a proxy for orchestrating project data.


  1. Tim Hoffeller on 2020-01-27 at 13:35

    Totally agree! The opencde api can be the base for that interchange layer. Also for building the bridge between data centers and cde. In every project the project partners have to deal with different cde, so a wrapper in front would be perfect.

    • John Egan on 2020-03-02 at 08:34

      Thanks for your comment Tim.

      A working example has been implemented for issues via BCF. However, vendors are against adopting a common object model for other entities such as documents.

      As I can understand, CDE vendors do not have much interest to provide free flow of project information in/out of their systems. As a result, technical customers/integration hub that can unlock project data seems to be the only viable way forward. Who leads this? Are we going to have many implementations of an integration hub from many vendors (probably) and how many times are we going to recreate the wheel before we can take this standardisation of openCDE-API seriously?

  2. Ole on 2020-03-16 at 07:11

    Hi John

    Looks very exciting. If we can not wait for the Oslo Summit, where can we learn a bit more about the OpenCDE API?

  3. John Egan on 2020-07-08 at 08:16

    Hi Tim – Yes, I am quite familiar with the DIN-SPEC and not one vendor has implemented this.

    Agreed – It is a great first step and in the right direction. However, it will incur a significant investment in the product on the part of each vendor to support something like it and there are still “technicalities” to be resolved with this proposal too.

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