Using IFC to create an Azure Digital Twin

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In the context of a Smart City project, COSTIM has developed and applied a method to use IFC to create an Azure Digital Twin (ADT). With this method we are able to automatically connect openBIM models to the Microsoft IoT platform.

The method includes 1) the definition of specific IFC information requirements, 2) the principles to transform the IFC schema into a model graph in ADTL, 3) the augmentation of the model graph with other IoT-specific information coming from the REC ontology, 4) the transformation of IFC models into a digital twin (twin graph).

As a proof of concept, we have applied the method to an apartment that is part of the project and we have developed the integration between the ADT IoT platform and a model viewer.

The project is currently under construction and the group is evaluating the steps to make the approach “production ready”.

The work has been funded by the COSTIM group within its digital innovation program, it has been implemented by its companies Impresa Percassi (general contractor) and GSM (digital platform developer), and performed together with IBN, Minnucci Associati and Engisis.


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