Twinfinity – Data driven property development using Digital Twins and IFC

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A real estate company rely on several data sources, such as business data, IoT/Sensor data, building data, to keep the day-to-day business up and running. Moreover, the data required for specific tasks are often stored in proprietary systems – making data accessibility, aggregation and visualization major pain points for real estate owners.

Using Twinfinity, real estate owners attain a platform truly enabling a digital twin – providing data aggregation through API:s and data visualization by supplying a structured way of presenting data in a building context.
The Twinfinity Platform, developed by Sweco, is based on IFC-models. An IFC-model is uploaded into Twinfinity and, using fully automated processes, gets transformed into data consisting of geometries, properties etc. stored in a database. This means the built in zero-footprint viewer can be used to consume the content of the IFC-files in a browser without needing any software installed. This works on desktop as well av handheld devices. Our API:s and embedded interfaces also allows Twinfinity to be used to; create custom applications combining data sources from the eco system of data in the real estate company or be embedded into other applications where a visualization of data in a building context is needed to create value and insights through the entire lifecycle of the property.

In addition, the platform automatically creates Real Estate Core representations of the IFC-models that can be used to seamlessly populate systems like Azure Digital Twin or Proptech OS. The Twinfinity platform also include a powerful IFC-validator enabling not only property and object validation but also tools for multi-criteria analysis and other applications.

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