Smart Energy Systems

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Digital Twins of schools in Växjö accelerates the innovation of Smart Heating Systems.

Växjö Municipality has procured an innovations partnership with WINNIIO AB to create AI-driven self-learning buildings, focusing on Smart Heating Systems. The new solution is set up to optimize the flow of energy down to each radiator, ensuring an efficient heating distribution and reducing CO2 emissions for buildings.
The solution for Smarter Buildings and Smart Heating systems that Växjö strives for are important because energy use in buildings across Europe accounts for about 40% of total energy use. Since the rate of new construction is relatively low (approx. 1-2% / year), the result is that approx. 80% of the existing buildings by 2050 will be those we use today. That is why innovation in existing properties is extremely important to save energy and to reach the climate goals.

Contextually Smart Buildings
With that in mind, 300+ wireless mesh sensors and 100+ actuators are now being installed in the selected pilot schools. Enabling the real estate owner to collect data from these types of sensors:

Doors, windows, open or closed
Return temperature from the radiators

The actuators have been sourced from a vendor in Sweden, IMI, and the intelligence comes from an open-source software-stack from Conectric, a Californian-based wireless mesh company. Together a new product has been created in the last 4 months, allowing the real estate owner to control all radiators remotely. Manually first, but then the system will learn from how it is being used and move closer to a self-learning adaptive system.

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