POWERBIM DigitalTwin Ecosystem for Building Lifecycle Performance for Smart Buildings Integrated to Smart Cities

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POWERBIM is a highly innovative software platform that helps manage buildings in an effectively way, monitoring, simulating, analysing and helping to improve energy, sustainability, construction and facility management indicators.

https://bim6d.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/POWERBIM-ARCHITECTURE-02-scaled.jpg to see the cyberphysical architecture infographic by deploying an Artificial Intelligence to monitor specific indicators and to recommend to users, professionals and property owners improvements to take action in the systems to improve these indicators. Some indicators are directly related to BIM AECO digital workflow (1D to 6D) and others are directly related to energy performance, sustainability but the platform is able to work with more indicators (Mobility, Security, etc.) on demand…

POWERBIM (https://powerbim.com) integrates last disruptive technologies in the sector like IOT, Big Data and predictive analytics, connecting digital models with physical devices (CAFM/IWMS/BMS systems, UMMANED devices for remote inspection like DRONES, ROBOTICS, and cameras) together with their contained data, for operations processes of the assets. Also, its connect with other existing external database systems such as devices installed in the city

https://powerbim.es/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/POWERBIM_DigitalTwin-ecosystem-scaled.jpg POWERBIM automates the integration between the BIM cloud world and DATA cloud world in a easy and seamless way . Integrating BIM cloud solutions using Autodesk Forge technology and the cloud DATA services, like MICROSOFT AZURE, SIEMENS MINDSPHERE IOT PLATFORM, and we integrate a AUTODESK CONSTRUCTION CLOUD CDE BIM platform, representing data in Power Bi dashboards the result of analytics. In POWERBIM we are enhancing IFC, BCF, AND GIS open source environments like MapBox, all these BIM/GIS ecosystem is integrated to Azure Cloud Environment, Siemens Mindsphere IoT platform and others.

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