ParPRO: Automating the review of proposals for public housing projects in Chile

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PARPro is an automatic checking platform for IFC models, developed for the Ministry of Housing. The main objective of this platform is to reduce the time that teams from the Ministry, who do not have expert knowledge of BIM, spend reviewing the compliance of the projects delivered through IFC. The use of BIM in the Ministry’s first pilot projects has already helped reduce the time spent on revision by 75%. PARPro will further increase the efficiency of the revision processes.
This development also seeks to standardize the projects’ information management, along with increasing the information quality by using the IFC data scheme. The resulting data will be integrated into the Ministry’s business intelligence platforms.
The platform will have a predefined set of rules, and will also enable the ministry’s professionals to modify and create new rules, allowing the expansion of its scope to include other ministry projects (such as public spaces, paving, etc).

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