Making Digital Construction Sustainable

10 months agoopen0

The drive towards sustainable buildings is significantly growing and this can be attributed to a number of key factors which are having a big impact on the AEC industry, particularly over growing concerns for climate change and wastage of energy and resources.

The application of BIM to construction projects has the ability to enhance the quality of information provided for making critical design decisions regarding a building’s environmental impact.

However, the provision and utilisation of such information has yet to be exploited to its full potential given that in many instances there is a disconnect between BIM methodologies, sustainable design practices and traditional project workflows.

Differing perceptions and misaligned expectations of the benefits and outcomes of BIM and sustainable design adoption need to be addressed, and quickly.

Sustainability now needs to become a key driver for the digital transformation of the built environment and addressing the challenges of climate change is a pressing agenda for us all.

In this talk we will examine the current status of the AEC industry for openBIM, and the efforts being made to introduce greater sustainability. What has been done so far and what is yet to come.

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