IFC in ArcGIS – Bringing Open Standard BIM data into GIS workflows

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Today’s cities around the world face a variety of sustainability and resilience issues with roads, bridges, and other facilities. In order to solve these problems all these structures need to be better designed. This results in an important requirement for linking GIS and BIM, namely optimizing data exchange between BIM, CAD and geospatial information from GIS. BIM and GIS together are transforming project delivery, planning, operations and maintenance of cities, sites and infrastructure.
The integration of planning and geospatial data is increasingly expected in the AEC industry. More and more common BIM and CAD formats are being used in ArcGIS to support workflows such as maintenance, inspection, operations, and training.
The ability to read IFC file formats directly in ArcGIS Pro expands GIS users’ ability to incorporate BIM content from multiple disciplines and source applications into various workflows throughout the asset lifecycle.
Users will benefit from Esri’s partnership with Autodesk by accessing IFC files directly from BIM360 or Autodesk Construction Cloud using ArcGIS Pro’s BIM Cloud Connection. Using ArcGIS Pro, IFC can be converted into open standard OGC Integrated 3D Scene layers for streaming throughout GIS experiences, retaining semantics, user attribution, and other metadata.

Because Esri has a long history of contributing to open source and open standards organizations around the world, future IFC updates will support rail, airports and roads as they are incorporated into the standard.

ArcGIS is becoming the primary solution for AEC firms and developers/operators to better manage projects and infrastructure in a spatial context. Let’s take a look at how IFC is being used across the Esri’s ecosystem.


  1. Marc Goldman on 2021-08-24 at 16:06

    This will be a great session for anyone interested in the hot topic of GIS and BIM!

  2. Suliman on 2021-08-27 at 19:58

    How we can attend?

  3. Marc Goldman on 2021-08-27 at 20:03

    Hi Suliman – Here’s a link to the registration page for the event:

  4. Stanford de Jong on 2021-08-28 at 04:44

    Less reliance on the fairly pricey Data Interoperability extension to handle CAD & BIM more effectively?

    • Chris Andrews on 2021-09-06 at 06:26

      You can already read IFC in arcgis Pro without Data Interop.

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