Bim.Point – IFC in service for FM and maintenance.

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Alive digital twin throughout the building lifecycle. We would like to introduce you our experience: how we work with federated IFC BIM models using Bim.Point platform – a web on-line database solution with IFC core, which is used during the operation and maintenance.
Bim.Point is designed as a BIM software tool enabling to work with all building data and to support the building information management in a full database form. The Service allows to access the Data and BIM models in IFC format remotely for authorized users, on the principles of the cloud solutions. All users work with one common data source (common database). The data is not distributed to individual users separately, which guarantees up-to-date information for all users concurrently. The tool fully operates with the international exchange BIM format IFC 2×3 version and version 4 (according to EN ISO 16739).
In addition to the data contained in the IFC file, it is possible to assign another set of defined project parameters to each element of the model, these can be edited, mutually shared or used for searching and sorting the information. The Bim.Point tool allows saving and sharing external data files, attachments, in relation to a specific element or group of elements. Values of data items and attachments added via Bim.Point tool, including their bindings to certain elements in BIM model, are fully preserved even after the IFC model update and reloading. The tool fully works with the model which is physically divided into the individual sub-technical models, as a whole; and also, separately with sub-models. The number of IFC data models running in one project is unlimited.

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  1. Madison on 2022-04-10 at 20:49

    I like it runs as web app, nice solution!

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