BIM-based Crowd Data Collection; crowd sourcing inhabitant’s input

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To propose and develop optimized renovation solutions, a good understanding of the as-is situation of a building as well as the needs and requirements of the prospective inhabitants is required. Inhabitants’ inputs are crucial to complement a set of analyses and simulation results particularly concerning comfort. In this respect, a user-friendly application is developed to collect such input from inhabitants. An interactive BIM viewer is implemented in the app to facilitate the communication of spatial questions. Inhabitants can indicate a space in response to a question. The “Inhabitant app” was developed to: • Digitize the process of data collection and analyses from inhabitants • Reduce the cost by outsourcing part of the inspection activities to the inhabitants • Involving the end-users in the process of decision-making by collecting their needs and preferences • Streamline and standardize the process by uploading the results in a structured way in BIM-SPEED cloud platform.

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