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Software Certification (SC)

Software Certification (SC) supports the efforts to validate the technical capability of software to support IFC data exchange with the express approval of buildingSMART International. This includes the development and deployment of the certification systems and requirements, as well as regularly consulting with the ISG and MSG in the development of these requirements. The SC program provides a valuable service to the buildingSMART community and industry at-large by vetting the technical capabilities of software to correctly and consistently import and export IFC data between platforms and stakeholders.


The SC program is supported by a team of industry technical experts from research institutes and private consultancies, acting as neutral, third-party developers and arbitrators of the certification process and systems. The SC team is contracted through the bSI Management Executive.


In detail, the Software Certification activities include:

  • Developing, deploying, and maintaining the online systems for software IFC capability certification;
  • Developing, deploying, and maintaining of test cases and documentation used in the software certification process;
  • Consulting and coordination with the ISG and MSG regarding certification requirements;
  • Managing documentation of the certification results for public information.

The current certification platforms include:

Please contact us, if you have more questions about certifying your application or desire to otherwise be involved in the certification process, at

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