This is the official website maintained by buildingSMART International to publish buildingSMART building information modelling [BIM] standards, technologies, supporting information and documentation.

Scope of buildingSMART Standards

buildingSMART standards cover wide range of process and information capabilities unique to the built environment industry, including:

  • An industry-specific data model schema – Industry Foundation Classes [IFC]
  • A methodology for defining and documenting business processes and data requirements – Information Delivery Manual [IDM]
  • Model-based, software-independent communication protocols – BIM Collaboration Format [BCF]
  • Machine interpretable definition of data requirements – Information Delivery Specification [IDS]
  • Standardizing interfaces to access data – open Connected Data Environments Interfaces [family of APIs]

Scope of buildingSMART Technical Services

Besides the Standards, buildingSMART International offers additional services. For example:

  • A dictionary of terms, definitions and properties – buildingSMART Data Dictionary [bSDD]
  • An overview of workflows and use-cases in the – Use Case Management tool [UCM]
  • Software Certification
  • Translation Framework for definitions of standards (community driven)
  • IFC dispute mediation
  • Coming soon: IFC file validation services

The list continues to grow as stakeholders in the industry work together to identify opportunities to be more efficient and create greater value by applying standard processes and technologies where needed.


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